Amenity Decorative

Circular polycarbonate luminaire with T5 lamps and integral microwave sensor for presence and daylight control.


Designed to cater for both mains and emergency lighting situations, the Amenity Decorative offers wide flexibility in facility lighting best suited to residential, commercial and retail amenity areas.  Wall or ceiling mounted, it is perfectly at home in stairwells, utility areas, toilets and store rooms.

The Amenity Decorative has an IP20 rated circular polycarbonate body and diffuser with T5 lamp and optional integral microwave sensor for presence detection, daylight control and integral 3 hour maintained emergency.  This can be purchased in conjunction with optional angled ring, either white, brass or chrome.

  • CE
  • IP20



  • Tough polycarbonate body and opal diffuser.
  • IP20.


  • 22w T5 circular lamp.
  • Col 840 lamp.


  • Integral R25 sensor operates up to 4m. See Sensors section for further information.
  • Bright-out function.


  • Integral 3 hour maintained emergency.


  • Rear and side cable entry positions.
  • Use existing live, earth and neutral wiring, with no requirement for additional BUS systems.


  • Semi recessing kit.
  • Optional white ring.

Lighting Controls


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  • AMED


All Dextra products are supplied with a 12 month warranty for any defect that may occur with the product during this time. Any defect will either be repaired on site free of charge or the defective product may be replaced on a chargeable basis and credit given against defective product returned. The course of action taken will be at our discretion and dependent on the nature of the defect.

The control gear within our high frequency and LED luminaires is further underwritten by our suppliers for a period of up to 5 years in total from the time of purchase. This comprises labour and parts for the first 3 years and free of charge components only for the final 2 years.

PROTEC LED FR 8W GU10 variants and Emergency LED ranges are exempt from the 5 year warranty and are supplied with 1 year warranty only. PROTEC LED COB luminaires are supplied with a two year warranty for replacement luminaires only.

All warranties are subject to correct use of the product and will be invalidated by misuse, for example incorrect installation or unsuitable environmental conditions.

It is the duty of the customer to ensure that all relevant tests have been carried out prior to requesting site visits or replacement products, for example replacement of lamps, commissioning of sensors and inspection of external wiring. In the event that no defect is found with the product our costs for attending site will be recharged to the customer and credit will not be issued against returned products.

No consequential losses incurred resulting from any defect with our product will be reimbursed.

Consumable commodities such as lamps, starters and batteries are excluded from these warranty terms. Batteries are supplied with a twelve month warranty only.

5 year warranty on LED product ranges is subject to a maximum of 4000 operating hours per year and only applies where failures exceed the component manufacturers expected failure rate and lumen depreciation.

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To order this product simply select the code from each section to build your desired product.
Please ensure you read the Important Information section prior to placing an order.

Luminaire Codes

Code Description Circuit wattage
AMED 122 Amenity Decorative, 1x22w T5 Circular Lamp 23.5w

28w and 38w options also available with microwave sensor on request.

Please be aware that these lamp wattages can not be offered with all emergency and dimming variants, please contact our Sales Team on 01747 858100.


Code Description
AMED AWR White Angled Ring
AMED ABR Polished Brass Angled Ring
AMED ACR Polished Chrome Angled Ring
AMED SRB Semi-Recessing Bezel (angled ring must be used) (330mm cut out)

Lighting Control

Code Description
R25E Reacta 25, On / Off (Microwave Presence / Brightout Sensor – High Frequency)
R25C* Reacta 25, Corridor Mode (Microwave Presence / Brightout Sensor)

*Bi-Level Dimming (optional 1 minute or 30 minute total off function available, please contact our sales team for advice)

*Will only dim the luminaire to 10% during absence and brightout, it will not turn the luminaire off.


Code Description
M3 Maintained Emergency 3 Hour
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